The Suffering Savior – He Suffered For All of Us – Because He Loves Us – Because He Cares

The fact that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) of Nazareth died for us all was the greatest act of love in the history of this world.
The way that HE entered into the process of DEATH for ALL by way of the most humiliating form of death (CRUCIFIXION) was amazing.
Jesus was fully aware of many things:
1. He knew ahead of time the way and manner that HE would die, because He is God and in charge of all things. (Colossians 1, John 14)
2. He knew that pain and suffering at the highest level would be inflicted upon HIM.(Psalms 22, Isaiah 53)
3. He knew that He would take (absorb, consume) the sins and the penalty (death) of the WHOLE human race – past, present, future.(John 3:16, 17, I Corinthians 15)
4. He knew that He would be identified and numbered as a vile criminal, wrong-doer, rebellious leader of revolt against Rome and Jewish leadership. (Matt 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 18)
5. He knew that God the Father would completely forsake Him once He took upon Himself the sins of this world. (Psalms 22, Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34)

But then, Jesus also knew:
1. That He would rescue souls from death, the grave and hell for the Kingdom of God.(I Corinthians 15, I Thessalonians 4)
2. That His followers would complete His mission by sharing His message of salvation, worldwide.(Matthew 28:19,20, Acts 1:8, 2)
3. That the book (Holy Bible) would be published, distributed throughout the world in over 100 languages and that all of His Acts could not be published in entirety.(John 21:25)
4. That His disciples would be willing to suffer and die for the Cause of Christ, the message of the Cross, and the salvation of millions.(The book of Acts, Rev 5:9, 6:11, 7, 14:3-4)
5. That the Holy Ghost would indwell His followers with the same spirit and passion that He possessed.(The Book of Acts, John 14, 16:13, 17:11,21)

Finally, Jesus realized:
1. That He would return to Rule this earth with His People, The Saints over this world for 1,000 years(Rev 20).
2. That the former earth that we now live in, would be destroyed by fire.(II Peter 3:12)
3. That He would live with His people in a New Jerusalem and New Earth and New Heaven(II Peter 3:13, Rev 21, 22).
4. That He would make all things new. (Rev. 21:5)
5. That He would return to Heaven in His Throne in full Glory (Col 1, Rev 3)

About AIM 4 GOD - A Ministry of Love Center Cathedral COGIC

My name is Pastor D.G. Liner. (832.876.4713 - Our ministry is centered in the Katy, TX / West Houston, TX area. Pastor of Love Center Cathedral Church of God In Christ. We Strongly believe in the life changing and life giving power of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We AIM to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of this world. For More Info Check Out our website at http://www.COGICHouston.COM We meet Sundays @ 10:45 am and 4:30 pm at the La Quinta Inn Hotel(281.646.9200-hotel) on I-10 between the Barker Cypress and Highway 6 Exits - (832.876.4713 -
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